We provide our students with excellent educational opportunities in a highly supportive environment. Highly experienced and trained teachers develop young people of high academic caliber, integrity, social conscience and above all fruitful members of the society. We extend ample opportunities for co-curricular and extracurricular activities so as to have a balanced and pleasing personality.
The Kindergarten
Spacious class rooms with colorful and exclusive designed furniture.
Well trained and highly experienced staff.
Eco friendly campus.
Kids park.

Smart Classrooms
We have full-fledged smart classrooms.. Smart class helps students to Understand the difficult curriculum concepts in a simple way, make learning an enjoyable experience and improves academic performance of student. It enables instant formative assessment of learning outcome. It avoids class room monotony and helps teachers to meet day today classroom challenges, improves teacher effectiveness and productivity. All the teachers are well trained to integrate Information Communication Technology with pedagogy.

Well Equipped Labs
Computer Lab
The school offers computer education from lower classes to higher classes. For that two well equipped computer labs with latest configuration are available. Students are trained to use computers with focus on creating and enhancing their visual- special, thinking and programming skills.
Maths lab
Our maths lab creates challenging atmosphere for students to enhance their Logical Mathematical intelligence. We instill mathematical skills through games, model making, quizzes, projects etc.
We have a  good library which occupies a key role as the main resource center for our teachers and students. The vast collections of books mainly comprised of text books, reference books, fiction titles, periodicals etc. For promoting reading habits and updating general knowledge, a lot of activities are conducting under the leadership of our librarian and teachers. Reading habits and updating general knowledge, a lot of activities are conducting under the leadership of our librarian and teachers.

Bus Conveyance
Transportation facilities are also available to far and near places for our students

Homely atmosphere
School Van Facility – We provide van to enable children to come from distance and lessen parents burden.
We have colorful and attractive furniture, children feel proud to sit and work.
Colorful and quality School bags are provided uniformly.
Field trips are arranged to give direct information about the topic. Children learn to behave properly in the public listening to their commands. 

Spacious classrooms & Classrooms are stocked with sufficient  Equipment.
Children need to move freely to learn things. They should feel great about their classrooms.
Colorful classrooms: We have attractive & colorful classrooms which make children to sit proudly & say my class is best.
Our Classrooms and the building carry a Homely atmosphere.
School should be another home for Children, we proudly say that SN Public School is a home for all the children.
Children love coming to school. 90% of our children have 100% attendance.

Loving and Caring teachers; We are proud to say that all our teachers are  loving & caring. Children love their teachers & feel free to discuss everything
Basic etiquette for life: Children are taught basic etiquette here. They are taught table manners, using their hand kerchief etc.
Excellent Coaching; Teaching is done practically.
Children learn quickly if the teaching is done effectively.
They do their projects, audio & visual and activities. This gives them a clear understanding of the lesson.
Efficiency in teaching; Our experienced teachers are efficient in teaching & handling kids.
Personal attention to all the children: SN Public school is able to give personal attention to all the children because we have a ratio of 1:15. Children feel happy when there are given more care & love, they try to perform better in all areas.
Education is not a burden: Education cannot be a burden, if it is presented in a simpler way, children should be given more activities and experiments with lot of visual examples.
Spoken English: Our children learn to speak in English from the early stages. English is accepted to be an International language. It is important to learn to speak, write and read in English. Here children are given exposure to speak in English.  All our children can communicate in English.