Rules & Regulations

Rules and Regulations of the School
Every student must have the necessary text books and note books with them required for the class.
All assignments should be regularly done and submitted by the students. Parents are advised to take special interest in this regard.
Students must come with school uniform regularly and in time.
Students should have not less than 75% attendance.
Parents are specially requested to pay the fees in time.
Suggestions from the parents are always welcome.
Occasional Reports must accompany with the parents signatures.
Every student must carry the diary regularly.
Parents are requested not so send their children with any valuables like gold ornaments, cash, cell phone, etc. If they do so, the management will not hold any responsibility for the los.

Visiting Hours
Stage 1: Parents can meet the teachers only before 9:00am or after 12:30pm
Stage 2 to class 5: Parents can meet the teachers only before 9:00am or after 3:15pm
Parents will not be encouraged during class hours.

School Timing
9:00am to 12:30pm
Lunch Break: 12:30pm to 1:00pm
1:pm to 3:15pm
Parents must ensure that the children come to school regularly and on time. Inculcating the virtues of punctuality in the young minds of children should be a joint effort of the parents and the school management.

1st term – 4th week of September to 1st week of October
2nd term – 3rd week of December to 1st week of January
3rd term – End of March to 1st week of June

A word to the Parents
Watch your children’s individual record everyday. Teachers’s remarks should be noted and signed.
Enquire about your children’s performance at least once in a month at scholl.
Please see that your children do their home work reqularly.
Please send your children regularly in time
Parents should take care of their children in their discipline.

A word to the Student
Speak in English.
Be punctual to school.
Be regular in attendance.
Do your home work regularly.
Come to school in neat and full uniform.
Pay your school fees in time.
Develop neat handwriting.
Keep Text – books & Exercise books neatly covered.
Do not destroy school property.
Take part in extra curricular activities available at school.
Always speak the truth.
Learn to use “please” and “excuse me” while talking to any one.
Respect your teachers, parents, brothers, sisters and all the other elders and help them as much as you can
Do one thing at a time and do it well.